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In the United States...

• 85% of Burglars Enter Through a Door

• Most Burglaries Occur During Daylight Hours

• In Only 13% of All Robberies is the Thief Caught and Convicted

• Average Police Response Time to a 911 Emergency Call is Over 10 Minutes

• A Property Crime Occurs Every 3 Seconds

• A Robbery Occurs Every 1 Minute

• A Violent Crime Occurs Every 22 Seconds

• A Burglary Occurs Every 15 Seconds

• A Theft Occurs Every 5 Seconds

• An Auto Theft Occurs Every 29 Seconds

• An Assault Occurs Every 37 Seconds

• A Rape Occurs Every 6 Minutes

• A Murder Occurs Every 31 Minutes

• 6,088 Home Burglaries Per Day in the USA

• 70.3% of Burglaries Involve Residential Properties

• 67.6% of Burglaries Involved Forcible Entry or Attempts

• 38% of All Assaults Occur During a Home Invasion

• 60% of All Rapes Occur During a Home Invasion

• $4.6 Billion Worth of Property is Stolen Annually

• Average Dollar Value Stolen Per Burglary: $2,079.00

About Us

Often People Want to Know a Little Bit About the People They're Going to Do Business With - Especially on the Internet

We feel that the Door Security Kit was born of necessity. After years of partnering with some well-known companies in the home security industry, we saw their quality slip and their prices rise so we decided that it was time to bring our superior "patented" and "patent pending" designs to the market.

This allowed us to incorporate some much needed features into our products while eliminating all the weaknesses found in competitive products. Customers often ask us why our products are better than similar products. We simply respond with: "If you knew that you could design and manufacture products that are superior in every way, then why wouldn't you?".

We Don't Cut Corners on Anything We Do. Our Products Are Made to Protect People and Their Property...And We Take That Very Seriously.

While some competitors have their products made from inferior materials to save on manufacturing costs, we design and manufacture our products in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA using the most advanced computers and robotic equipment. ALL of our products are made by highly skilled craftsmen who take great pride in what they create.

The Door Security Kit...

• We design, manufacture, package and ship every product we sell
• Our door security products are made of 14 gauge cold-rolled, high-strength steel. They're the strongest products on the market
• We use heavy-duty mounting hardware that is much more substantial than most competitive products
• We also include additional hardware with each unit to re-inforce your hinges
• Every product has a hard "enamel-like" white finish that is far more durable than most competitive products
• Higher quality than competitive products but still very competitively priced
• All of our products have a "Lifetime 100% Money-Back Performance Guarantee"

Should you decide to become a Door Security Kit product owner, you'll always be treated fairly, and with respect.

We'll ship your order by FedEx (in rare instances we use UPS or USPS Priority Mail) as fast as possible, usually within 24 - 48 hours of receiving your order.

We'll also always immediately address any questions or concerns you may have. And, should for ANY REASON any of our products not work on any of your doors, we'll gladly take the product back and issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Thank you for visiting our site, and for considering our products for your home or business. If you ever need to, you may contact me personally and toll-free at: 1-855-366-7548.


David Carrington - Inventor, Founder & Owner

Door Security Kit - "Professional Grade Door Security"

Door Security Pro Factory Photos


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